• Double Shower Curtain

    by  • January 26, 2013

    I like the look of a double shower curtain hung at ceiling height. Having two curtains pulled apart lets you show off your shower tile with nice symmetry. Hung to the ceiling, I think it makes the room look taller and more grand, just like when you hang standard curtains high and wide on...

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    DIY Bathtub Refinishing

    by  • January 21, 2013

    This past weekend, my whole family drove down here from PA to help us crank out the last of our major house projects. It. Was. Awesome. We had 6 extra set of hands working away for 3 days and we were able to get so much done. We are seriously blessed to have a...

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    Upcycled Vintage Sheet Curtains

    by  • January 11, 2013

    I’m excited to show you my DIY upcycled vintage sheet curtains that I made for the kitchen for just $3.25 a panel! Like I mentioned in the kitchen design plan, I bought this queen-sized flat sheet from a thrift store for just $2. I loved the vintage floral pattern and thought it could make...

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    2012 Christmas House Tour

    by  • December 24, 2012

    Welcome to our Christmas home! I already showed you the outside decorated for the holidays – And here are some snapshots from inside! I made a few simple boxwood wreaths to hang around the house using clippings from the yard. I default to scattering sprigs of evergreens and shiny ornaments. I don’t think I’ve...

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    New Kitchen Pendant & Rugs

    by  • December 21, 2012

    I found this awesome pendant at a Habitat for Humanity ReStore for $2…TWO DOLLARS! I thought it was the perfect simple pendant to fit our vintage style design plan. With that purchase, we could finally address the dangling wire situation we had going on. I mentioned in this post that we decided to rebuild...

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    2012 Christmas Tour – Exterior

    by  • December 13, 2012

    It’s time to start the Christmas house tour! Today I’ll just show you the outside, which probably isn’t deserving of its own post…but that’s all I have photos of at the moment! I didn’t hang any Christmas lights outside last year because we don’t have an outside outlet…much to my dismay. This year, I...

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    Vintage-Red Kitchen Door

    by  • December 3, 2012

    Sorry for my blog absence lately, I have been so BUSY! Lots of house portrait orders have been coming in (a good problem to have!) and whatever spare time that was left was spent catching up on some house projects, which leaves little time for updates! I did allow myself a good part of...

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    Fall Living Room

    by  • November 24, 2012

    I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We were fortunate to be able to spend the holiday with our families & are still soaking it in. I thought I’d better squeeze in this little update about our fall living room before the season has totally passed. I got the urge to switch up...

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    Reclaimed Wood Kitchen Floor

    by  • November 16, 2012

    The kitchen floor is done! Wohoo!! All that stands between us and functional appliances is installing the baseboards, which is happening tomorrow, so the end of toaster-oven-and-take-out living is in sight! Now I’ll take you through the journey of how we got there… Our kitchen floor was a good inch taller than the rest...

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