Q: How is your refinished tub holding up?

    A: We have since moved, but we did use the tub for 6 months after I refinished it myself with the Rust-Oleum Tub & Tile Refinishing Kit. I followed the instructions exactly and it held up wonderfully. There were no marks, scratches, peeling, or areas where the finish had worn off. And we even bathed our 2 large dogs in that tub! The tub was honestly like new – smooth, shiny, and durable. I am also asked if it is more slippery – I would say that it was definitely more slippery than it was before we applied it (only because there was almost no finish left on it before), but I wouldn’t say that it’s more slippery than any standard new tub.

    My tips for the application:
    – Prep the surrounding area very well with tape and paper or plastic sheeting. I accidentally got some of the enamel on the floor and it did not come off. (I ended up painting over it to match our wood floor and luckily you couldn’t even tell!).
    – Roll the enamel on really thick, but without leaving harsh edges.
    – Never let the roller become dry. My roller started to become dry and the enamel is so sticky that it began to rip the roller apart. If the roller starts to look damaged, replace it with a new one immediately.
    – Apply as fast as you can!
    – WEAR A RESPIRATOR. This stuff is so toxic. Plan to keep as many windows open and fans blowing as you can. I kept the area closed off from the rest of the house, but it still smelled. If you can leave some windows open and leave the house for at least a day, do that.

    My tips for upkeep:
    – Do not keep shower products on the tub ledges. I’ve read that the finish does not hold up well in areas where there is constantly standing water (like where water pools around shampoo bottles). We kept all of our products in a hanging caddy.
    – Use only soft sponges or cloths to clean the tub – never anything abrasive.
    – If you will be bathing your dogs in your refinished tub, make sure that their nails are clipped first!

    You can read more about the whole DIY process in this post.