• Handmade Christmas Trees, Pt. 3

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    Today is the final segment for my handmade Christmas tree forest! You can read about part 1 here and part 2 here.

    Again, all of these trees were made from rolled up cereal boxes. (Sorry if you’re reading this for the third time now!) Hooray for no more styrofoam cones!

    The last trees left to show you are the naturals –

    First, the dictionary page tree –

    This tree was pretty much copied from this sheet music tree from HGTV (found via pinterest). I made mine just slightly different so I’ll still share how I made it. Instead of sheet music, I used old dictionary pages. And yes…I just so happened to have an awesome, old [giant] dictionary lying around for purposes such as this 🙂 I actually bought this one at a thrift store over the summer to make paper flowers for our wedding (I’ll show some pictures of those some day). Isn’t it glorious? I’m in love with the cover.

    So instead of using long strips (like the HGTV one), I cut my pages into 1″ x 2″ish sections. I think I may have used 4 pages in total? Not sure. Anyways, I think using the smaller sections is better because 1. they’re much easier to glue to the curved cone, 2. you can pick & choose more precisely what piece will go where (so you can balance the illustrations & white space around the cone), and 3. it’s less obvious where the sections start & stop.

    Then I snipped some fringes in each piece –

    And curled them with a pencil.

    Before attaching the pieces to the cone, I glued down a plain strip of dictionary page at the bottom so you wouldn’t see the cardboard under the first layer.

    Then just glued the top edge of each one down. I went back and pushed up a few of the fringes so that not all of the curves were perfectly even.

    I continued making rows all the way up the cone, paying attention to where the plain white spaces and the darker illustrations were so that it would be balanced overall.

    Closer to the top, I cut some smaller pieces that were easier to glue down (like 2 or 3 fringes). At the very tip, I just cut a shape like this to fold over the top.

    What do you think? I like how the white spaces and the illustrations make it a little less uniform.

    Next is the hemp twine tree –

    This was the first cone tree that I made, and I actually didn’t think to take any in-process photos. So my apologies there. But it’s crazy simple so you don’t need them anyways. I snipped a hole at the top of the cone for the twine to stick through (like the cording tree I mentioned here), glued it to the inside, then just wrapped it snugly down the cone using some hot glue along the way.

    They’re really easy & don’t take much time at all. Makes me want to make a giant version with thick rope…
    Maybe next year 🙂

    And the final tree! The bean tree –

    I picked up these beans from Walmart for a couple dollars –

    I filled the cone base with the large lima beans, glued as closely together as possible.

    But like the acorn tree (mentioned here), I couldn’t stand seeing the cardboard through the gaps. So that’s when I busted out the smaller “great northern” beans to fill in the cracks. They fit the best after I cut them in half. Yeah, it was tedious…but a Sister Wives marathon got me through (did I really just admit to that?). And I like the result a lot. It’s like a beaded tree…from nature.

    So that’s all of them! What are your favs? I think my top 3 are the pine cone tree, the bean tree, & the dictionary tree. But really I like the whole forest! And I still feel the urge to make more little trees… but I’ll restrain myself until next year 🙂

    Anyone else go handmade with their Christmas decorations this year?

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