• Handmade Christmas Trees, Pt. 2

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    Today is part 2 of my handmade Christmas tree forest! You can read about part 1 here.

    Like I mentioned in the first post, the cone base of all of these trees are cereal boxes. So there’s no need to run out to a craft store to buy those styrofoam cones. And really, my goal is to never leave the house if I don’t have to, haha! Anyways, just roll, glue, trim, go!

    Part 2 features these golden ladies –

    And they were all FREE! Here’s how I made them. First, the cording tree –

    I scavenged through my bin of fabric & scraps and found this shiny gold cording. It was actually attached to a curtain that I bought at a thrift store to cut up to make fabric flowers for our wedding. Of course I had to keep it though, knowing that it would be reincarnated some day in a new project. And that day has come…cone tree day.

    Anyways, I snipped a hole in the top of the cone and thread the cording through, glueing it to the inside.

    Then simply wrapped the whole way down, securing it with some hot glue along the way. I left the fabric show between the cords for a stripy effect…and also because that’s the only way I could get it to be enough to cover the tree.

    When I got to the bottom, I had to unravel the cording to tuck it under the tree in the 3 smaller sections rather than 1 thick cord, so that it would sit evenly.

    Then I just glued the strands to the inside.

    Simple & sweet. And free! For me anyways. But if you don’t have any cording, I doubt that it’s that expensive if you wanted to go out and buy some to make a tree like this.

    Then we have the gold pine cone tree –

    This one is totally copied from one I found via pinterest here. Which apparently was inspired from one sold at Target. I love it! So I had to make it. First I cut off the “petals” of a bunch of pine cones. Then I grouped them into piles by size.

    Starting with the largest pieces, I hot glued them to the cone in rows. To speed things up, I put down a line of hot glue and did 5 or 6 pieces at a time.

    I kept gluing them up the cone, switching to the medium and smaller pieces as I got closer to the top. To make the top look more finished, I glued one of the top pieces of the pine cone to the tip and surrounded it with more little pieces.

    I thought about leaving it all nat-ur-al, but I thought that it looked a little bit country. And I wasn’t feeling that.

    Nothing that some spray paint and glitter can’t fix! I went metallic gold with mine, instead of silver like the inspiration tree I mentioned.

    And instead of covering it in glitter, I decided to do just the tips of the pieces, using mod podge to adhere it.

    This tree wasn’t difficult, but it was a bit more tedious. Totally worth it though. It looks extra pretty at night next to some Christmas lights.

    Next we have the beaded necklace tree –

    This guy was made entirely of old necklaces. Yup, I even save cheap broken jewelry. Some of these I know I’ve had since 9th grade…haha.

    I started by hot gluing down some plain chains.

    Then I filled it in with the beaded ones, wrapping a pearl-ish strand around like a garland.

    I thought it needed a topper. So I found a round crystal bead to glue to the top. Wanna know where this one broke off from? (wish I was kidding…haha) – an old keychain from high school! I may be a hoarder.

    I love this little beaded tree. What do you think?

    And lastly, the gold ruffle tree –

    This is made from the same fabric as the cording tree above (leftover from the thrift store curtain which I bought to make some fabric flowers for our wedding). I liked it because of the gold embroidery that gives the fabric a shimmer.

    To make it – I cut the fabric into 2″ strips & ironed them in half to get a nice edge.

    Then I hot glued them in rows to the cone. To get the ruffle, I just scrunched the fabric up as I glued it down.

    To finish each row, I folded the ends under & you can barely notice them with the ruffles.

    More rows…

    To finish the top, I cut a larger circle out of the fabric and glued it to the tip. Then tucked/scrunched/glued all the ends under.

    So are you a ruffle fan?

    What do you guys think? Do you have a favorite? Anyone else hoard in the name of crafts?

    Check back later for the final 3 trees in my forest!

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