• Handmade Christmas Trees, Pt. 1

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    Being our first Christmas as a young married couple, we don’t have many Christmas decorations. Just one little fake tree that I had from college, and the ornaments we bought after Christmas last year, but that’s it. So I wanted to make some of those cute little cone trees to sit around. But I couldn’t stop at just a couple, I had to make a forest…

    To make these, first you need some cone bases. You can buy those styrofoam cones at craft stores…or you could just make them for free out of cardboard/posterboard/etc. I made all of my trees with cereal boxes. They’re being recycled, and they’re free…it’s a win-win. Plus you can make them exactly the size that you want.

    Keep the graphics on the inside so the outside is a clean base. Just roll, cut, glue, & trim, & you’re ready to go.

    I’ll show you how I made all of them, but I’m breaking it up into three parts. I’ll start with these four –

    First up, the little tinsel tree…

    I found this tinsel strand at Walmart for $1.27 and knew it would be a good candidate for a glitzy little tree.

    I started at the top (in case your strand runs out – you can always chop the bottom off), I just wrapped it the whole way to the bottom, using some hot glue to secure it every so often.

    SO easy. This guy took like 3 minutes. And he’s pretty cute. Not bad for a $1.27 tree.

    Then we have…the acorn & tinsel tree –

    I have mixed feelings about how this one turned out…but oh well. I started by gluing the acorn caps at the top, because I knew that would be the most difficult part to fit the large acorns snugly together. I left enough room at the tip to fit one cap right on top.

    Then just keep on gluing all the way down, trying to keep them as close together as possible.

    I really loved the natural color & varieties & texture of the acorn caps…but I just couldn’t stand seeing the cardboard through all those gaps.

    I tried so many different materials to fill in the gaps, but everything I had looked odd against the natural acorn caps. Since I didn’t know what else to do with it at this point, I decided I was going to try to make it coordinate with the little tinsel tree. So I found some more $1.27 green tinsel strand and painted the whole tree green.

    After I painted it, I also misted it with metallic silver spray paint to try to give it a little shine. Not sure how I feel about that either. But anyways, I cut off little pieces of the tinsel strand and popped them in all the gaps. And since the strand has wire in it, the pieces stayed in on their own (which means no gluing!).

    What do you think…cute, or just weird? Can’t decide.

    Moving on to the little feather boa tree –

    I dug through my bin of random crafting supplies & found this mini white feather boa. Perf!

    I made a tree topper to go with it by gluing different sized pearl beads (which I already had) to a piece of a bamboo skewer.

    I cut a little hole at the top and glued the topper in. Then wrapped & glued the boa the whole way down.

    This one was really quick & super easy like the tinsel tree. And since I had all the supplies already…it was FREE! Although once I was done wrapping, I thought it was just a little too furry. Apparently Leo thought it looked like a fluffy white creature too, because he lunged for it at every chance he got (and still does). So I ended up giving it a hair cut before calling it finished. It helped to make it more tree-like, but Leo still wants it. Bad.

    And lastly, the feather tree –

    So, I also found a bag of white feathers in my glorious bin of random supplies. I have no idea why I have them, but I’m glad I do. Now Leo has two white fluffy tree-creatures to salivate over.

    I organized the feathers by size & trimmed them down so they were a little less crazy.

    I spray painted the cardboard cone white, just in case any would show through.

    Starting with the largest feathers, I glued the top inch or so of the quills to the cone, letting the end graze the floor.


    I kept on gluing around & up the cone, switching to the smaller feathers as the cone got smaller. I left about an inch between each layer of feathers.


    When I got to the top, I snipped a hole for a tree topper –


    More pearl beads hot glued together.


    I think it makes it look fancy. And this one was free too!


    Total spent on these four trees: $2.57. Pretty sweet! What do you think of them?
    Anybody else make a cone tree this year? Come back for two more Christmas tree posts in the next few days!

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