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    by  • October 27, 2011 • House Projects & Updates

    We’ve been having beautiful October weather here, and recently we took advantage of it by taking on a major weeding event to spruce up our neglected yard. (And I mean major – we’re talking like at least 5 hours worth, bleeding hands…the real deal). We even got a free walkway out of the ordeal…


    It may look like we just installed that slate path…but actually, we just unearthed it. That’s how bad the weed situation was, haha. And I don’t know if you can tell in the photo above, but it has a very odd concrete section that juts out from the driveway. It’s easier to see it in this picture –


    Weird, right? Not sure what we should do about that…any suggestions?

    Anyways, while we were in exterior maintenance mode, we figured we would remove the storm door since we’ve been meaning to for awhile. We never use it, and it’s just a nuisance when we’re carrying stuff inside. Plus, it got damaged from a storm in the spring (a big storm that produced a tornado just a few blocks away) and it hasn’t closed right ever since. Plus, I want to paint the front door, but the storm door has burgundy trim. So there were plenty of reasons for it to go.


    It looked like we only needed to remove a few screws and then it would be off. But once we removed one part, it looked like a different piece should come off too to make it look right, and then another part, so on, until we ended up with this –


    Uh, whoops. We didn’t really know what we were doing, but we trimmed it out, sanded, primed, painted, & caulked until it looked like this –


    Better! Everything is snug & sealed, so we hope it’s okay. I think it looks nicer now having the thicker trim, and I like that you can actually see the door now instead of reflections in the glass storm door. (P.S. the window looks weird because I still have the contact paper taped up to the window until I order some frosted window film…I know, it’s tacky. It will be gone soon, promise.)

    Just to catch you up from the beginning, this is the front of the house in May of 2010, about a month after Phil moved in –


    Since then, we removed the faux stone bed border, accidentally killed 2.5 sky pencils, planted a maple tree, magnolia bush, 2 cypress trees, & 4 cherry shrubs, removed the window screens, & removed the storm door –


    I think it’s getting cuter! Still many updates to come, some of which are happening right now! I just finished painting the front door, and the shutters will hopefully be painted this weekend too. For those who saw my previous post about my idea to paint the front door orange…well, I changed my mind. You’ll have to wait until my next post to see what I decided on, but I will give you a hint: it’s the color of a condiment, and it looks great with gray. New pictures coming soon!

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