• Wedding Paper Goods – Save the Dates

    by  • September 22, 2011 • Art & Graphic Design, Event Planning & Decor, Our Wedding

    After the bridesmaids cards came the save the dates for our wedding. It was actually months after we had actually set the date, but I was in school, so wedding planning had to be on the back burner. I was probably procrastinating with it too because I was afraid to make decisions about it. The save the dates would dictate how the invitations & programs would look, and they’re also supposed to set the tone for the entire wedding. (Sounds dramatic, I know, but it’s true.) I was all over the place with decisions about the wedding, so I just designed the save the dates with what I knew so far. I had a few colors picked out, and I knew I wanted the wedding to feel somewhat vintage & romantic, so I decided to incorporate some kind of floral design. Looking at vintage floral fabrics for inspiration, and drew a couple different versions of flowers and a stem in a similar style.


    I scanned these into photoshop and started messing around with colors & placement until I finally got something that I was happy with.


    The floral background that I created started looking too flat and felt old (but not in a good way). So I brainstormed with my sister, then tried making the flowers more asymmetrical rather than a flat, repeating pattern. I liked it. Then I altered the colors a bit and overlayed a texture to give it more depth. I think this helped to make it feel more vintage-romantic, rather than just old. I made that squiggly shape for the text because I thought it also felt vintage – it kind of evokes an old ornate mirror, but the clean lines make it more modern.


    The font I used was Mona Lisa Solid ITC. I’m a big fan of that font, I think it’s super classy. For some variety, and some extra personalization, I combined the font with my own handwriting that I scanned in. [Side note: I randomly choose to go with “save our date” rather than “save the date.” Just thought it would be cute.] With a few more tweaks, I was happy! The final design was 5″ x 7″ and I had them printed on an ivory paper with a linen texture by the college press at my school.


    I also had the addresses printed onto the envelopes by the college press, but there wasn’t anything too special about them. But I did find these really cute stamps that I ended up using for the save the dates & everything else to follow.


    I thought they were so cute & whimsical and more interesting than the typical wedding ring stamps (and definitely better than the ol’ liberty bell on a wedding invite). Besides, what’s more perfect for a wedding than the King & Queen of Love? I want to use these stamps on everything now!

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