• Kitchen Phase 1: Paint

    by  • September 16, 2011 • House Projects & Updates

    We have lots of projects planned for the kitchen in the coming weeks & months that I am really excited about 🙂 Phase 1 was the wall color – which, admittedly, didn’t make a huge difference overall, but we are well on our way! I really how it turned out, but I am more excited about how it will tie in with the rest of the projects to come.

    Like the living room, there was lots of time-consuming prep work, but you gotta do it the right way. For example – the locks that I scraped on the backdoor (which also was scraped/sanded/filled/repainted). It still looks a little banged up in the “after,” but at least it’s less sloppy and it slides really nicely now.


    I also got some action shots of the wallpaper removal this time around.


    I felt kind of bad taking down the wallpaper, because I know the previous homeowners had just put it up. And as far wallpaper goes, I’ve certainly seen worse. But it’s just not our style, so it had to go. Neither of us had removed wallpaper before, so we were pleasantly surprised when it practically fell off the walls with vinegar & warm water. [The bathroom wallpaper, however, was not so kind to us. But that’s a story for another day…] Below the chair rail, I choose a delightful charcoal gray – Olympic Knight’s Armor, and above – Valspar Oregon Coast. Admittedly, the tan colors are similar – I already liked the way that tan looked with the countertops, I just wanted something slightly darker & slightly more neutral.


    This time, when I was caulking the gaps, the little plastic scraper tool just ripped the paint right off the walls, which has never happened to me before.


    I was really annoyed because that meant I had to redo 2 more coats of cutting in. Not a huge deal in the long run, just a nuisance. It must have been just a difference in paint brands, because this was an Olympic low-VOC variety that I’ve never tried before (I usually use Valspar). The paint definitely has different consistency too – it rolled on much thicker, and once dry, the parts that got ripped off left edges of paint that were really stretchy/latex-y, and not very sand-able. It was weird. Anybody else notice any differences between paint brands?

    Anyways, moving on to the shots of the whole room –


    The table is obviously too large for the space (which is why it’s pushed into the corner), but it works for now until we get something smaller. I’m thinking a white pedestal table & mismatched chairs, perhaps? [And yes, that is a printer on our kitchen table. We’re still working on getting the office set up.]

    Oh, also – it’s kind of hard to tell in the picture what’s up with the windows on the door, but for now I taped up newsprint paper for a temporary privacy solution. I know, it’s super classy. But I have a plan for that too… 🙂
    The other side of the room –


    What made the biggest difference here was actually the decluttering. I do love the charcoal gray though 🙂 And again, I used the makeshift privacy paper above the sink. I like having little things on the windowsill, but I hate when you can’t lower the blinds the whole way once it’s dark and I become paranoid (haha) – so this is the temporary solution. I’ll probably end up using some sort of frosted window film down the road, and maybe replace the blinds with roman shade? We’ll see.

    And here’s a little glimpse of some of the projects that are to come…


    This is the photoshopped plan that I made a few months ago to try to figure out how to make the black & white appliances coordinate better with the brown & tan countertops. I’m excited about how the cabinet doors & drawers could look after they’re trimmed out and painted, like in the photoshop version. We’d also like to tile the floors, switch out the lights, perhaps install a backsplash…but we’ll just tackle one thing at a time.
    Since the kitchen will most likely end up being very neutral, I want to bring in some blues with the accessories. These are just some things that I have right now. And that’s where we’re at!


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